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Parent Resources

Hi Parents,

Welcome to our resource page where you can explore helpful links to sites that offer useful tips regarding anything from social emotional learning to big messy play! 


Scary Events and Young Children: Help Children Cope With Violence Around Them, by Christian Bellissimo

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Using Routines to Help Children Adjust After COVID Closures and Other Disruptions

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Big Questions, Worries, and Fears: How to have hard conversations with little children, by Dr. Lauren Starnes

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Playful Learning, Not Play vs. Learning in Preschool: How Play Fosters Cognitive Development, by Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek

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=Rhythms of Play is a great resource for parents to learn how to create a rhythms and routines at home. It also has suggestions for play provocations, outdoor activies and other great ideas for you to enjoy with your family. Check it out and let us know what you think!

-In our September EEC Community Coffee Chat, we talked all about Positive Discipline. This is a concept we are very passionate about, and we wanted to share the website so you can explore on your own. This website offers great resources and options for parenting workshops that can help you navigate your child's social emotional development.  - Positive Discipline 

-Another great resource that offers incredible interactive workshops is the Center for Children and Youth. Topics include potty training, baby and me classes, and even subjects like how to deal with teenagers and aging parents. These workshops are all virtual and are reasonably priced, and usually offered in the evenings. There is also a huge online database of articles and videos that are always helpful. We encourage you to explore, as we are sure there are many helpful tips and tricks for you to use.

Center for Children and Youth

- The Big Little Feelings website offers great tips for navigating big emotions. It is specifically geared towards toddlers, however, it also works with all early ages. "Parents can get a practial action plan to navigate all the tough moments.'" 

At Home Resources 

- Feel Better Bin Ideas - Inside the basket are sensory manipulatives that can help children regulate their emotions. Children are free to take something from the basket whenever they feel like they need it. By having this basket easily accessible and readily available at all times, all of the children have been practicing self soothing skills on their own, and are able to “bounce back” and rejoin play much faster.  - Teacher Colleen Super Z Outlet Liquid Motion Bubbler for Sensory Play, Fidget Toy, Children Activity, Desk Top, Assorted Colors (1 Piece): Toys & Games Pop Push it Sensory Toys Push Sensory Toys can Relieve Stress. Special Multi Shaped Toys Suitable for All Ages Decompression Silicone Squeeze Toy ((Round +Square Color 2pcs)): Toys & Games

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