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Highlands Pool Rules

The Highlands Recreation District pool rules are provided for the health and safety of all guests and must be enforced by the employees. Guest cooperation and assistance is appreciated.

Questions about a rule? Please email Aquatics Coordinator, Janelle Slightam.

Pool Fees 
  • Drop-in Rates – includes swimmers and non-swimmers
    • Highlands Resident (with proof of residency): $7 per person
    • Seniors (55+): $7 per person
    • Non Residents: $10
    •  Children 3 years or younger: Free
  •  Punch cards are available for purchase at the pool office.
    • The Highlands Recreation District is not responsible for any lost or stolen punch cards. HRD will not replace lost or stolen punch cards, nor refund patrons for any unused punches.
  • Memberships are available on a monthly basis; please inquire at the pool office.
General Rules 
  • Everyone entering the pool must sign-in at the pool office.
  • Pool hours and programs are subject to change; changes will be communicated as soon as possible through our website
  • Entry fees are applicable to non-members, whether swimming or not.
  • The Highlands Pool does not permit outside vendors to utilize the pool for swim lessons or other programming.
  • Parties of 10 or more guests are required to reserve their space in advance. Please contact our office at (650) 341-4251 for more information.
Health Rules 
  • Patrons need to shower with warm water before entering the pool and after using the restroom.
  • Persons who have had diarrhea in the past two weeks, infectious diseases, open sores, and/or rashes are not permitted in pool area.
  • Appropriate bathing attire required in the pool (i.e. swim suits).
  • Children three (3) and under and children who are not yet potty trained must wear a swim liner.
  • Pets are not allowed in the pool area.
  • Food and drinks permitted away from water only.
  • No chewing gum.
  • Smoking is not permitted on HRC grounds.
  • Spitting, spouting water, and blowing one’s nose in the water are not permitted.
  • In the event of a fecal incident, vomit incident, power outage, major storm, or chemical imbalance, the pool will be immediately closed until further notice.
Safety Rules 
  • Pool facility is closed unless a lifeguard is on duty.
  • Parents, chaperones, or camp counselors are responsible for and must supervise their children.
  • Children under ten (10) yrs. must be supervised by a responsible person fifteen (15) yrs. or older.
  • Children are not permitted in or near the pool during Kid’s Break.
  • Unannounced emergency drills will occur randomly throughout the year.  Please follow the directions of the lifeguards.
  • ‘Kids’ Break’ is held each hour for ten (10) minutes during recreation swim longer than two hours.  Children under the age of 17 must exit the pool including the baby pool during this time.
  • Patrons are NOT allowed in the Guard Office; filter area/room or storage room.
  • Horseplay (running, splashing, shoving, dunking, spitting, riding on shoulders, etc.) is NOT permitted.
  • Climbing is not allowed in the pool area (i.e. fence, guard stands, benches, etc.)
  • Jumping into the pool may be restricted if safety rules are not followed.
  • Floatation devices are not allowed (i.e. water wings, inner tubes, swim suits with built in floatation pads, etc.).
  • Coast Guard approved lifejackets are allowed.  Children using a lifejacket can be in the shallow end alone and in the deep end with an adult within arms reach.  HRC has a limited supply of jackets and may ask patrons to use them if deemed necessary.
  • Only HRC pool toys are allowed in the pool (exceptions are at the discretion of the lifeguard in charge or special approved activities/functions).
  • Novice swimmers must remain in the shallow end of the pool unless accompanied by an adult within arms reach.
  • Passing the proficiency swim test (one length of the pool strong crawl or breast stroke without stopping and treading water for 30 seconds) is required for swimmers under the age of 14 before they are permitted to leave the shallow end.
  • Glass containers are not permitted in the pool area.
  • Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs and persons under the influence of these substances are not allowed in pool area.
  • Circle swimming is required during lap swim when there are more than two (2) people swimming in a lane.
  • Diving is only permitted in the diving well and along the deep end wall.
Locker Room / Restroom Facilities 
  • For the privacy and comfort of everyone, cell phone usage is PROHIBITED in changing areas, restrooms and locker rooms.
  • Children under the age of six (6) must be supervised.
  • No glass of any kind is permitted in locker rooms.
  • Urination is not permitted in shower area.
  • Guests six (6) years and older are asked to not use the restrooms of the opposite gender.
Water Slide Rules 
  • Slide area may be restricted or closed at any time if deemed unsafe by lifeguard.
  • Jumping, swimming, or diving, off pool side is not allowed in slide area.
  • Feet first and face up position only.
  • Only one (1) person allowed at a time on the slide.
  • Swim to designated wall after sliding.
  • Previous slider must reach the wall and swim out of the slide area before the next person slides.
  • The slide is closed during swim lessons and lap swim.
Baby Pool Rules 
  • Only children four (4) yrs. and younger are allowed in baby pool.
  • Flotation devices are NOT allowed.
  • Only HRC pool toys allowed.
  • Baby Pool is only open during recreation swim.
Climbing Wall Rules 
  • Patrons should use the climbing wall at their own risk.
  • Only one climber, per wall, at any time.
  • Please access the climbing walls from the water only.
  • No swimming in drop-zones when climbers are present.
  • No climbing above top hand hold levels.
  • No climbing around sides or back of the climbing walls
  • No use of floatation devices permitted when climbing the walls (i.e. life jackets, floaties, etc.)
  • Climbers should gently push away from walls when climbs are complete or when falling off during a climb.
  • Climbers should push away from the walls in a straight line to the middle of the pool, not at an angle towards the pool deck.
  •  Climbers should drop from the walls, so their feet enter the water first (no headfirst diving).
  • Climbers should not attempt back flips or other tricks off the climbing walls.
  • Immediately swim away from the climbing walls when your climb is complete.
  • Climbing wall weight limit is 245 pounds.
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