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Early Education Center (EEC) FAQs

What are EEC's hours? 
Do you have openings during the school year? 
  • While the majority of our openings occur during the summer months when children matriculate to Kindergarten, we do sometimes have openings during the school year when families move away or their childcare needs change.
  • Should a spot open mid-year, we offer spots based on priority from our waitlist.
Do you have part-time schedules? 
  • We currently only offer fulltime enrollment (full-day, five days a week) in order to maintain full classrooms.
How many children are in each classroom? 
  • Our Monkey Room, infants 3 months-2 years, consists of eight children with three educators.
  • Our Tiger Room and Chameleon Room, children 2 - 5.5 years, consists of 18 children in each room with three educators per room.
What is your guidance policy? 
  • The EEC is committed to a “positive discipline” policy. Positive guidance encourages self-respect, self-discipline, cooperation and problem-solving. Children’s behavior expectations are set according to what is developmentally appropriate for their age.
Do children need to be potty trained? 
  • Children in the Early Education Center do not need to be potty trained. We understand that toilet learning is a process and staff are ready to support children when they are ready.
What if my child has allergies? 
  • If your child has an allergy, we will work with families to comply with your child’s medical plan.
What if my child has special needs? 
  • Our school is committed to supporting an “inclusive classroom” and therefore welcomes children of all abilities.
  • The EEC is dedicated to working with families to ensure all childrens' individual needs are met, but sometimes children need a little extra help, and that's ok. The EEC is unable to provide one-on-one aides, therefore if a child has one on one needs that we are unable to meet, families must provide an aide.
Do you provide snacks? 
  • We provide two snacks a day (morning and afternoon) for students in the Tiger Room and Chameleon Room.
  • Snacks consists of two components: a fruit or vegetable and a dry good (cereal, granola bar, crackers, etc.).
  • We provide alternative snacks for children with allergies. 
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