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EEC Programs


The Early Education Center (EEC) is a Reggio-Emilia inspired, play based program that is focused on creating a positive, safe, and nurturing environment for children and their family. We believe children learn best when they are given the freedom to explore, create, discover, and have hands on experiences with the world around them. Through careful observation of the children’s interests, teachers create a rich curriculum and environment that supports each child at their own developmental level. Our learning environment allows for all children to experience the high-quality care they deserve and the freedom to be the natural and playful learners they are meant to be!

We offer year-round, full day (7;30am-6:00pm) childcare for children ages 3 months through 5.5 years. Each classroom is staffed with 3 early childhood educators.

Monkey Classroom

Our Monkey classroom is for children ages 3 months through age 2, with 8 children.

The teachers are;

Miss Jina and Miss Nancy

License # 414002820

Chameleon Classroom

Chameleons classroom is for children 2 years through age 5.5 and is limited to 18 children.

The teachers are:

Miss Zucelly, Miss Jasmine, and Miss Ariana

License # 414001561

Tiger Classroom

The Tiger Classroom is for children ages 2 through age 5.5 and is limited to 18 children.

The teachers are:

Miss Kim, Miss Caitlin, and Miss MaryEllen

License # 414001561


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