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EEC Programs

The Early Education Center (EEC) is a community-based school committed to creating a positive, safe, and nurturing environment in order to stimulate a child’s curiosity, creativity, and ultimately, a joy for learning. We believe that children learn best through play. Each child’s own tactile experience promotes creativity, independence, and imagination as they construct their own knowledge through hands-on experiences. Our emergent curriculum incorporates music and movement, dramatic play, language and literacy, S.T.E.A.M., and art and sensory activities.

We offer year-round, full day (7:30am-6:00pm) childcare for children ages 3 months through 5 years. Each classroom is staffed with 3 early childhood educators.

Monkey Classroom

Our Monkey classroom is for children ages 3 months through age 2, with 8 children.

License # 414002820

Chameleon Classroom

Chameleons classroom is for children 2 years through ages 3.5 and is limited to 16 children.

License # 414001561

Tiger Classroom

The Tiger Classroom is for children ages 3.5 through ages 5.5 and is limited to 18 children.

License # 414001561


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