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"For both Evie (now 8) and Rowan (now 5, who started at just three months!), there wasn’t a single day at EEC that didn’t feel nurturing, supportive, loving, fun, and safe. To say that Kristen, Colleen, Kim, and so many others there became our family, fast, would be an understatement - they raised our kids alongside us, spurring curiosity, excitement, compassion, and above all, a sense that the world was good - could be good, should be good, would be good - and theirs to make better still next. We can’t recommend EEC highly enough. And wish we could go back!" -Dylan A. 


"I am so, so glad that my son is enrolled at EEC. I love the indoor-outdoor set up there, and the teachers always have fun activities for the kids. As a first-time mom, I am especially grateful for the instructors and how caring and knowledgeable they are. They’ve given me invaluable pointers and have really been partners in my son’s growth. It is truly such a gift as a parent to know not only that my kid is safe at EEC, but also having fun and thriving. Thank you!" -Andrea L. 


"We feel so lucky that EEC is part of our family’s life! Both of my kids are thriving at school — we love seeing them run happily into class in the mornings. The administration and teachers are highly professional childhood educators, as well as empathetic and loving caretakers. We also appreciate the community of families that we’ve connected with through EEC. It’s a special place." -Irina G.


"We sent both of our kids to the EEC starting from a few months old. They absolutely love it there. The environment is kind and nurturing, the teachers are kind and knowledgeable and Monday drop-offs are full of our kids wanting to go play with their friends at EEC. We love the bonds that the teachers forge with the kids and they treat it more than a second home. The weekly reports that we get from the teachers are our highlight :)" -Megh G.

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