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In mid-November, we conducted a deep clean of the pool filtration system. As a result of this cleaning, we have stronger water pressure throughout the system and is helping the heater situation. Currently we are able to maintain the pool temperature at 82 to 84 degrees. We are still planning to clean the heat exchangers in December and are hopeful there will not be any more heat issues in the foreseeable future! We thank you for your patience and continued use of the pool, as we know it is a valuable community asset!

 Jason Lezak Clinic

On November 5th, Olympic gold medalist Jason Lezak came to Highland’s pool and conducted a swim clinic for the youth swim team members in the area. He was extremely nice, made time for pictures, and signed autographs for every participant (and some of the staff who were there as well). Thank you, Jason, for your expertise and knowledge!


The pool membership program is perfect for Highland’s residents who want to use the pool consistently. For just $35 per month, you will have unlimited access to the pool and 12 free entries for any guests you may have.

A reminder for current pool members with monthly payments - fees are due by the 29th of each month. Fees can be paid at the pool directly. We accept cash, check, and credit/debit cards. Debit and credit card payments will incur a 3.95% service that goes directly to the transaction processing company.   

Winter Activities

While winter is a time to usually stay indoors, our heated pool is always a great alternative to work out! If it’s a rainy day, why run in the rain when you can swim in the rain! (Plus, your clothes stay dry!) We will have our usual lap swim and rec swim times throughout the winter, except for holiday closures.

Winter Closures

The pool is closed for holidays in the winter as a way to lower costs and keep the pool running efficiently throughout the year. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

The pool will be closed for the following dates:

December 24 - December 26  -  Christmas Holiday

December 30 - January 1  -  New Year’s Holiday

January 2  -  Normal operations will resume

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