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Ivette Ceballos- Tiger Teacher

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Hello, my name is Ivette. I am excited to be a part of the Highlands Recreation District family! I am from Southern California, but enjoying San Mateo County as my new home. I feel fortunate to be working with the Highlands Recreation District because it has such a welcoming atmosphere, a strong team and a strong commitment to their students. I am attentive, involved and witty!

I enjoy music, dancing and painting. I have enjoyed working in education for 16 years and have thrived in many roles such as an infant, preschool and school age teacher.

For the last three years I have worked in management where I helped run a preschool. What I enjoy most about working in education is watching how the kids develop throughout the years in personality and milestones. You’ll find that I like to be involved in communicating with how things go on a day to day basis. I make great efforts to let you know of all the great experiences your children have throughout the day!

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