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HRD Staff Spotlight - Zucelly De Leon

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Hello Highlands Rec Families, 

My name is Zucelly, but I also go by Zucy (soo-zee) for short. I have recently started my journey here at the Rec Center as a Chameleon’s teacher at the Early Education Center, which I have truly enjoyed since day one! One of the many things that has helped me ease into this new community, has been the wide open arms full of love, warmth, and support from staff, parents, and children. I thank you all for that. 

On my own time, I enjoy lots of music, going out for walks/hikes & visiting the beach. Although, what I most enjoy is taking trips to Guatemala to spend as much time possible with my parents and family who currently live there.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to continuing to grow as an educator in this beautiful community.



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