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HRD Staff Spotlight - Hailey Fuller

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Highlands Recreation District is proud to shine the spotlight on Hailey Fuller! Many of you may have been in contact with Hailey recently, as she works diligently to offer you private swim lessons. Hailey has a positive attitude and is always smiling! We’re so grateful to have such a wonderful team member.

“My name is Hailey Fuller. I grew up in the Highlands and spent the majority of my youth participating in numerous programs at the HRD. I began with swim lessons; rapid advancement in the classes led to my becoming a competitive swimmer on the Highlands Dolphins. Seeking further engagement with the sport, I proceeded to diving instruction with Kelly and junior lifeguarding with Cathy. I eventually became a certified Lifeguard/WSI at 15 and have worked at the HRD on and off for the past 11 years. I also teach in private homes spanning from San Francisco down the Peninsula.

I found a passion working with pre-team and competitive swimmers, grounded in bettering their technique. I also greatly enjoy working with adults on progressing towards comfortability and competency in the water. I strive to tailor my lessons to meet the unique needs of each individual and love helping my clients to reach their goals! I have stayed connected to the HRD because of its strong sense of community and genuine appreciation for its members.

I have availability from 10:30am-12pm Monday through Friday for lessons with adults! Please contact me at”

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