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EEC October 2023 News

September was a very active month! We had our Open House on September 21 and almost all families attended. We also brought in a new teacher, Ivette Cellabos, who is in the Tigers' room. All of our teachers' pictures and bios are on the website under EEC Staff, so please take a look and get to know all our teachers! 

We are growing our substitute pool as well as bringing in one more teacher to maintain our ratio of 1:6 in each room. Our Monkey room continues to be joyful and full into the end of 2024.

We also had a visit from Dr. Lee, a pediatric dentist. He had a fun presentation for the EEC and left all the kids with joy about the dentist (we hope it lasts!) On September 28, EMTs visited both ASP and EEC. The children got to go in the trucks and learn more about safety.

Watch for Halloween happenings on October 27 for EEC. We will have our animals visit that day, as we were unable to book the petting zoo for the original day.

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