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Youth Swimming Lessons – Private Lessons Only- Now Available!

All Swim lessons we will offer during the Covid-19 pandemic will be private or semi provate lessons only. Swim lessons will return on August 10! All private lessons will be based on the following levels. 


Guppies (LI) 

Students focus on developing independence, confidence and basic safety skills. Students are supported and assisted by the instructor in all skills. Minimum age 3 years old. Skills taught: bobbing, floating, retrieving objects, water entry & exit, pool safety, and moving through the water.

Seahorses (LII)

Swimmers learn to coordinate arm and leg actions and swim independently on both front and back, building on level I skills to increase confidence, independence, and water safety skills. Skills taught: unassisted floats, glides, big arms, elementary backstroke. Prerequisite skills: completely submerge under water unassisted, able to perform assisted skills with face in water.

Marlins (LIII)

Swimmers learn breathing techniques for freestyle and breaststroke, and work to improve technique and endurance in all strokes. Level includes deep water safety skills. Skills taught: side breathing, treading, coordinating breaststroke and backstroke, intro to dolphin kick, basic diving. Prerequisite skills: swim 10 yards unassisted with coordinated arm and leg action with big arms and elementary backstroke.

Sting Rays (LIV)

Swimmers develop competitive stroke techniques, continue working on endurance, and learn intermediate safety skills. Skills taught: butterfly, sidestroke, open turns, racing dives. Prerequisite skills: 15 yards freestyle with side breathing and elementary backstroke, 10 yards breaststroke and backstroke.

Sharks (LV)

This is a combined advanced level which prepares swimmer for swim team and other aquatic sports by continuing to improve competitive stroke techniques, endurance, and advanced safety skills. Skills taught: flip turns, individual medley, surface dives, rescue skills. Prerequisite skills: 25 yards freestyle and elementary backstroke, 15 yards breaststroke and backstroke.

Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Private swim lessons are offered during fixed times on weekday afternoon and weekend mornings. Private Lessons are available to all swim levels (LI-LV). Find a session date and time that works for you on the Swim Lesson Chart on page 4 in the Activity Guide. To avoid being charged for a missed lesson, please provide 24hr notice of an absence. Sessions will range between 4-6 lessons.
Private: $45/$53 per lesson, per child.
Semi-Private: $30/$35 per lesson, per child.


Has your child recently completed a session of group lessons?   We would appreciate your feedback as we strive to continually improve the quality of our program. Thank you for completing this brief SURVEYYou may complete the survey each time your child completes a session.