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Tiger Tales


As we jump into June we are getting ready for summer and of course celebrating those moving on to Kindergarten and TK. We have shared so many great memories and know you will all go so far ! It has been amazing to watch the growth and confidence of all the children work together.

We have been exploring making ramps on our gravity wall. The Tigers love to catch the balls in the basket and trap the balls in the clear tube. Here the Tigers work on their communication and problem solving skills, as they talk about where to move the pieces. Even working on their cognition as they explore where the balls move down and how they can move the magnetic pieces to change the course of the ball. In our sensory area we have been making Dino and ocean habitats which has expanded into our play outside making volcanos in the sand box, and being dinosaurs stomping around.

In the next month we are going to explore the Tigers interests in our art area, using different types of mediums such as oil pastels, natural elements, and clay. We will even be expanding on their interest in math by setting up various provocations with building and categorizing. 

We are also hopeful for nice weather so we can do more water play outside. Please remember to apply sunscreen in the morning. We will reapply in the afternoon. 

Thanks for reading,

Miss Kim and Miss Caitlin

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