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Tiger Tales

Greetings Tiger Families,

Our garden has come full circle with our sunflowers blooming. The Tigers have used them in our sensory areas creating provocations in play dough and decorating the sand box. We have used them as painting inspiration as well as making mosaics! Gardening has grown our interests in what bees and birds do, how things grow, and how to take care of our planet.

We have also started composting peels, stems, un-eaten snacks, and plants that are finished growing. This is a great way to help children see and understand the full circle of a plants life and all the greats things we can do to help mother nature.  We’re excited to start the process of making our own soil to keep our plants healthy.

If you have any tips or tricks for best gardening practices, please share with us via the classroom email. 

Happy Fall ya'll!

Tigers Team 

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