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Tennis FAQs

How do I get a key to the tennis court?

  • Only Highlands Residents may purchase a key. The cost is $25 per key.
  • Residents may come to the Registration Office during office hours 8AM-12PM and  1PM-5PM, Monday-Friday) to purchase their key and fill out all required paperwork.
  • Residents must provide proof of residency. 

Do I need to make a reservation to use the tennis court?

  • Yes, Highlands Residents are required to reserve their court time through sign-up genius.
  • Highlands Residents may sign up here with an access code.
  • Reservations are available in two week periods.

I'm a Highlands Resident. How do I receive the weekly access code for reservations?

  • When verifying residency at time of key purchase, please provide your email address.
  • Every Thursday, an email list is sent out that has the correct access code for the next week. 

What time do the tennis court lights come on?

  • Lights can be turned on at dusk.
  • They will automatically shut off at 8:45 PM.

Is the tennis court open to the public?

  • Our tennis courts are not available to the public.
  • However, a Highlands Resident with a key may invite Non-Residents.
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