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Rental FAQs

Do you rent out your facilities?

  • Yes. Our Multipurpose Room, Gym, newly added Picnic Area, and Pool are all available for rentals. Information about MPR & Gym Rentals, Picnic Area, Pool Parties & Rentals. To check facility availability, contact the Recreation Coordinator. For Pool availability, please contact the Aquatics Supervisor.

How much does it cost to rent your facilities?

  • Pricing to rent our facilities varies, based on your needs. Please refer to pricing categories below.
 Group APrivate Parties
Group BNon-Profit Groups & Organizations
Group CContinuous  Instruction and Meeting Renters*
  • *Continuous Instruction and Meeting Renters agree to use the facility a minimum of once per month, for a minimum of four months. Qualification must be approved by the Recreation Coordinator.

Highlands Resident (R) / Non-Resident (NR) Hourly Rates

 RoomGroup AGroup BGroup C
MPR $105 R / $115 NR $90 R / $100 NR $60 R / $60 NR
Gym$115 R / $125 NR$100 R / $110 NR$60 R / $60 NR
Picnic Area $20 R / $25 NR  
Pool Party $150 R / $175 NR  
Pool Rental <50 $130 R / $180 NR
Pool Rental>50 $170 R / $190 NR

How much is the rental deposit?

  • Facility Rental Deposits are fully refundable if the facility is left in a clean and undamaged condition.
 Room Rental Without Alcohol$300
Room Rental With Alcohol$400
Picnic Rental$100
Pool Party & Pool Rental$150

    Do I need insurance?

    • Yes, insurance coverage is required for all facility rentals.
    • You can obtain insurance through your homeowner’s/renter’s insurance, small business insurance, or through an alternative site for your rental.
    • Insurance for Room & Picnic Rentals can also be purchased through Hub International or The Event Helper. 
    • Insurance for Pool Parties & Pool Rentals can be purchased through Hub International
    • All insurance details can be found in the Rental Agreement below.

    Rental Application

    • Please review the Rental Application for policies and procedures. 
    • Application MUST be turned into the Recreation Coordinator for any date to be confirmed, or to the Aquatics Supervisor for any pool parties or pool rentals.
    • Submitting an application does not guarantee your time. Time and date will be set once the Recreation Coordinator or Aquatics Supervisor has reviewed the application. 
    HRD Rental Application.pdf
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