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Ranya Francis, Board Member

Term: Term expires November 2024

Serving on the Board since June 2024.

Ranya's Bio

With an enduring commitment to community betterment, Ranya brings a wealth of experience and a passion for making a positive impact to her role as a board member. Raised in the Bay Area and now proud to call the scenic San Mateo Highlands home, Ranya's deep understanding of local dynamics and her active involvement in neighborhood activities position her as a valuable asset to the board.

Her dedication extends beyond professional pursuits; she volunteers at schools, organizes community events, and actively participates in local recreation programs. Drawing from her personal experiences and a family legacy in community engagement, Ranya is driven to strengthen the bonds that make each neighborhood special.

With a focus on attention to detail and a knack for navigating complex situations, she is committed to ensuring the best outcomes for her fellow community members. Ranya's enthusiasm, dedication, and personal touch make her an invaluable partner in serving the needs of our community.

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