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Monkeys Moments

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Greetings Families,

Happy summer! It has been a bittersweet month with our little ones as we say farewell to our graduates Tori, Oliver, and Aanya. Even though we know that they are so ready to join a new classroom, we will miss them terribly! 

Over the last month, the Monkeys have been interested in dump trucks, latches, and fixing things. We put out tools, dump trucks, construction vests, and blocks. They began exploring how the tools worked, first. They put the construction vests on and asked what they were for. We discussed the purpose of the vests and what construction workers do. They used the tools to pretend to fix the dump trucks. They used tools on furniture around the room and found screws on various objects around the room. They also used the hammers on the blocks. Then, they extended their play outside where they used pvc pipes to fix the bikes and wagons.

It's wonderful to witness learning in action, especially when it is an area of interest. We wouldn't be surprised if families observe the same play behaviors at home!  As always, be well and enjoy summer!

Take care,

The Monkey Team


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