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Monkeys Moments

May contain: person and human
May contain: cream, food, dessert, creme, icing, and cake
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May contain: person, human, and finger

Greetings Families,

The Monkeys spent a lot of time indoors during January as it was too wet and cold to play outside.  Naturally, they became interested in various forms of table activities, including art projects and sensory play.  The toddlers are pros at painting with typical paint brushes so they were challenged to use tools that changed the grip on their hands like Q-tips, sponges, or stamps. These various methods help develop fine motor skills. They have also been experimenting with finger painting, shaving cream, and playdough activities to develop their sense of touch.  Sensory activities are also great for improving cognitive functions because the children are able to answer questions about what they are investigating, like thinking about if the playdough is hard or squishy, cold or hot, etc.  The Monkeys are enjoying discovering new ways to engage in art and sensory techniques and we can’t wait to see what they do next!

The Monkey Team!

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