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Monkey's Moments

Hello Families,

With the rain and wet weather we have had these past few weeks, the Monkeys have been exploring their yard in all new ways. The toddlers have been discovering all the different things they can do with wet sand. They have been learning how to mold the sand into different shapes. They have experimented with the feeling of it sticking to their hands. They also listen to the sound it makes when they scoop it with the shovel or rake it. The infants are also discovering the feeling of the wet blades of grass and mud between their fingers. The Monkeys have also been doing a lot of tool exploration. They practice the motion of hammering, find screws to attempt to use their screwdrivers on, and turn over bikes to pretend to fix them. They discover new ways to use their tools each day. 

It is truly a fun season to watch the little  one's explore, learn, get messy, and repeat! If you have any fun ideas for rainy days that we should try with the Monkey's, please let us know.

Thanks for reading!

The Monkey Team









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