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Monkey Moments

Greetings Families,

Now that we have transformed our indoor classroom, the Monkeys are bursting with creativity!

We are in the process of transforming our outdoor classroom. Our awesome garden specialist has planted some new flowers for us to watch grow. The children are learning how to be gentle and take care of plants and our environment. We have been reading books about gardening and insects that teach the children sequencing, as well as how they grow. They learn what comes “first, next, and last.” We are also adding more loose parts to our yard to inspire the extensive play we have already created inside. The tires we recently added have already been used in such a variety of ways. They have been used for climbing, pushing, rolling, dragging, sitting in, basket ball hoops, walking across, and much more. We look forward to all the outdoor learning that will happen with more large loose parts! 

Be well,

The Monkey Team


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