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Monkey Moments

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Dear Monkey Families,

Over the past couple months, the toddlers in the Monkey classroom have become engaged in dress up and pretend play.  The interest first peaked when one child tried to wear a teacher’s shoes.  After that, dress shoes and purses were set out on shelves for children to try on, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.  Other examples of dramatic play in the classroom include being gardeners or construction workers in the yard.  They used rakes and watering cans to take care of the plants and fixed the bikes using pretend screwdrivers and wrenches.  More recently, the Monkeys were doctors and practiced giving each other shots or checking heartbeats.  The toddlers even got the infants involved in a tea party set up by offering them tea and food. Pretend play demonstrates the toddlers’ minds are further developing to become more imaginative and creative.  This type of play also strengthens socioemotional and language skills as they learn how to work together and use new words.

We can't wait to observe what they do next! 

WIth Gratitude,

Monkey Teachers

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