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Monkey Moments

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Dear Monkey Families,

The Monkey classroom has gone through a lot of changes during the past month and the children have been adjusting well to new routines.  Teachers have seen improvements in all areas of development, specifically language, gross motor, and social/emotional skills. 

Older toddlers have been practicing saying their friends’ and teachers’ names, while the infants have been getting stronger with their movements every day.  The kids are also forming friendships with each other and developing relationships with their teachers. 

Some of the younger infants have thoroughly enjoyed watching their older friends demonstrate how to read a book or use a certain toy.  In addition, the toddlers have been exploring how to play together while going down the slide, using trucks, or balancing on the row boat.  The Monkeys are eager to continue learning while welcoming new friends this upcoming month!

Thank you for reading!

The Monkey Team

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