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Monkey Moments


The Monkeys have been staying cool on warm days by doing water play exploration in several different ways. They have been splashing in the water table, water painting with paint brushes, and spritzing with spray bottles. Water play is a great way for them to learn a variety of different concepts. While playing at the water table, they are learning what items sink and which float, eye-hand coordination with scooping and poring, and and math concepts like volume. While painting with water, they are adding creativity, testing water and texture on various surfaces, and discovering the concept of their art disappearing as it dries. The Monkeys love to spray each other with spray bottles. They are challenging their fine motor skills when squeezing the lever and testing social boundaries. They are learning that some of their friends like to be sprayed and giggle, while others don’t like it and may cry or shy away. They are learning how to read cues and listen to others when they are asked to stop. Water is such a simple, yet complex, way for toddlers to learn and have fun in the sun! 

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