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Monkey Moments

Hello Families,

We have recently transformed our classroom and added some more materials to challenge the Monkeys. With this transformation has come more creativity, exploration, experimentation, and manipulation. These young toddlers are in a developmental stage of scooping, pouring, filling, dumping, transporting, rolling, stacking, pushing, and pulling. They are also beginning a bit of pretend play. Beads and rings have been used for stacking on cones, threading scarves, jewelry, food in bowls, rolling down tubes, filling jars and baskets, and much more. Jars have been used for filling, scooping, dumping, twisting lids on and off, shakers, cups for drinking, rolling, feeding babies and animals, and more. Each item is used in different ways every day as the monkeys are learning new concepts and skills. We will be adding new materials to see what creativity is ignited next! 

Thank for reading!

The Monkey Teachers

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