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Highlands Recreation District Services & Service Area

Original Authorization and Purpose

The San Mateo Highlands Recreation District was organized as a Community Services District pursuant to Sections 61,000 et seq. of the Government Code of the State of California on the 24th day of September, 1957, for the purpose of providing public recreation by means of parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, recreation buildings, a community meeting hall, and such other buildings and facilities as are necessary to the operation of such a district, including, but not limited to, the acquisition of lands, rights of way, easements, or other rights of real property therefore, the purchase, construction, furnishing, or equipping of building and other facilities therefore, and the performing of all work auxiliary to any of the above which may be necessary to complete or maintain the same. The functions and purposes of the District may in the future be expanded to such other matters as are legally permissible under the appropriate sections of the Code in the manner specified therein. Ref: #61000---61934

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