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Highlands Recreation District Reimbursement Policies 


The District will reimburse the employee for legitimate expenses incurred on behalf of the District, provided such is submitted within 30 days of departure, within 10 days of receipt of a properly completed and approved expense report.  

All money owed to the District by the employee is due and payable upon termination.  Money owed may include, but is not limited to personal expenses paid by the District on behalf of the employee.


The purpose of these rules is to prescribe the procedures by which employees of the Highlands Recreation District shall report and be reimbursed for expenses incurred in connection with authorized travel on behalf of the District.  The following policies are set forth to improve control and minimize cost.


1.       Travel will be authorized only when the travel is necessary and is in the best interest of the District.  Reimbursement will be for actual, reasonable, and necessary expenses incurred while on District business, but not exceeding established guidelines.

2.       The most economical means of transportation will be used unless unusual circumstances require other alternatives.

3.       District employees should neither enrich themselves nor be required to utilize their own funds while traveling on District business unless they exceed the established guidelines.

4.       The District will not reimburse for any alcoholic beverages for any event or meeting.


1.       Meal expenses shall be those charges for food and non-alcoholic beverages actually purchased and consumed while on official District business provided the charges are not included by other expenses (i.e., conference fees, airline fares, lodging, etc.).

2.       Meal expense incurred will be reimbursed on an actual cost basis up to the per-meal guideline amount allowed.  Gratuities for meal service should be included in the cost of meals claimed.  Each meal is to be accounted for separately.  That is, no cost in excess of the per meal guideline amount shall be offset by another meal claimed at less than the established guideline amount.[MFAS1] 

3.       Meal expenses must be claimed by each employee individually unless the meal is purchased on one credit card receipt.  Meal receipts for multiple employees must include the names of the employees present and the purpose of the meal.

4.       Reimbursement for employee cost of meals purchased for non-district personnel is only permitted for interview panel members.

5.       Meals must be claimed at the actual amount up to the maximum allowable amounts as follows:

a)       Breakfast    $15.00

b)       Lunch           $15.00

c)       Dinner          $25.00


1.       Employees will be reimbursed for the actual and necessary cost of such rentals when substantiated by an invoice.  The size of the auto rental shall be the least expensive appropriate to the use required by the employee.  No rental insurance should be taken. Luxury cars are not authorized under any circumstances.

2.       Rental vehicles should be refueled before being returned to the rental agency if at all possible.  A District credit card may be used for this expense.


1.       The traveler shall attempt to use the lowest airline rates available for economy travel. Reservations should be made as far in advance as possible to take advantage of discounts available.



1.     The cost of taxis or carfare to and from places of business, hotels, or airports in connection with business activities will be reimbursed by the District.  Whenever available, employees must attempt to utilize existing hotel/motel van or taxi services.  All local transportation expenses must be accompanied by a receipt to be considered a legitimate reimbursable charge.



1.       Business expenses are all expenses incident to official travel other than transportation, lodging, and meals.  Receipts shall be required for all business expenses.

2.       Employees will be reimbursed for actual and necessary business expenses, provided that such expenses are directly related to the purpose of travel.  Business expenses shall not include the cost of discretionary items intended for the personal benefit or pleasure of the employee.  Business expenses normally include, but are not limited to, expenditures for the following:

a.       Conference Registration Fees.

b.       Documented telephone, fax, and internet charges for official business.

c.        Amounts paid to baggage handlers, porters, and other service personnel not to exceed a total of $10 over seven consecutive days.  Gratuities for meals should be included in the costs of meals claimed.


1.       When traveling with other District personnel, employees of the same gender will share rooms whenever possible.  If District employees are traveling by themselves to conferences, attempts will be made to share a room with employees from other entities.


1.       Claims for reimbursement of authorized travel expenses must be submitted within 5 (five) days of completion of travel.

2.       Travel reimbursement claims shall include:

a.       The District business involved.

b.       The employee involved.

c.        The location and the date of the event.

d.       Expense identification (i.e., seminars, meals, plane fare, etc.).

e.       The dollar amount of all expenses involved, including both cash and credit card expenditures.

f.         Any additional explanation as would serve to substantiate the claim.


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