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Highlands Recreation District Principal Act

Recreation and park districts

Public Resources Code §5780, et seq. Communities are allowed to form recreation and park districts under the Recreation and Park District Law, the principal act. In 2001, the principal act was revised to streamline and update the current law at the time. The last time significant overhauls were made, President Dwight Eisenhower occupied the White House. SB 707 completely revised the state statutes regarding recreation and park districts, and was passed and signed in 2001, and went into effect in 2002. Many recreation and park districts took a significant hit from the first two Education Revenue Augmentation Fund shifts.


• Senate Bill 707 (Senate Local Government Committee, 2001)

• Parks, Progress and Public Policy: A Legislative History of Senate Bill 707 and the “Recreation and Park District Law” (October 2001), Senate Local Government Committee

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