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Early Education Center (EEC)

Hello Highlands Community,

We have fallen into Fall!

We are excited to announce the latest news about the EEC’s Community Garden. Construction has begun and soon families will be able to enjoy veggies from the EEC. On November 5th, we will be holding a garden day with Miss Lia, our garden specialist in which the children and families can join us in planning and planting. This garden will be accessible to the community to help tend and prune throughout the year.

Our goal is to teach the children about a variety of things such as nutrition, taking care of the environment, learning how things grow, and what is and what is not safe to eat! The children have shown much interest in helping with our gardens in the preschool yards, so we are excited to see how they participate with their families and community. We feel that this is an opportunity to bring the community together, foster relationships, and enjoy the fruits of our labor!

The community can get involved by emailing the EEC with your questions, comments, suggestions, or time that you would like to spend in the garden. If you are visiting during the day, we would like the children to be able to assist you in your projects, so please reach out to Miss Lia at Please keep in mind that these fruits and veggies will be used in cooking projects with our children, so please limit the amount that you would take for your kitchens!

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