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Early Education Center (EEC)

Hello Highlands Community!

The EEC has finally had glimpses of Spring and beautiful weather, and the children are loving the extra time they get to spend outside! But we also had a lot of fun activities happening inside, and the preschool rooms have kept busy with their ongoing investigations.

The Chameleon room is still going strong with their rainbow investigations. They did several experiments to see if they could make their own rainbows. One was done by making rainbows with flashlights and water. Another involved making “magic rainbow milk” where they created a bunch of swirling colors with milk, dish soap and watercolor. And lastly, they wanted to see if they could create rainbow flowers! They were successfully able to dye flowers by placing them in watercolor and observe daily as the color seeped into the white flowers and turned them into vibrant, colorful flowers!

The Tiger room is having fun with their plant investigation and is preparing the garden on the preschool yard for all the new plants. They are still having a blast learning and exploring about the many different plant types. They really enjoyed the citrus investigation and there were lots of conversations about who had citrus trees at their home, and who wanted to have them so they could make their own lemonade and orange juice. The children also branched off into the topic of what happens in Spring, which led to the discussion of bird nests and hatching eggs. The children had the opportunity to create their very own bird nests with clay and natural materials like moss and sticks. They were very excited about their creations and wanted to know if real birds would nest in them.

Our youngest friends in the Monkey room continue to be very interested in art, so the teachers are experimenting with different methods to enhance their creativity and learning. They gave the children balloons and paint and let them stamp away and get messy! They also did a community collage project where they took old pieces of cut up artwork and glued them down to a large piece of paper. Some children enjoyed sticking the pieces down, while others liked picking them off better. The teachers also found a way to give the children a new creative experience by having them lay down on the ground and color on paper. This is an excellent way to engage different muscles in the body and give them an opportunity to see things from a different perspective/vantage point. Not only is it fun, but they are learning new skills as well!

Thanks for taking the time to read our update! We can’t wait to show you May’s adventures!


Your EEC Team

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