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Early Education Center (EEC)

Hello Highlands Community!

We cannot believe summer is almost over already! While we haven't had too many hot days, the EEC has still been enjoying the milder weather and spending a lot of time outside. As much of our days have been spent outside, we have refurbished the outdoor yard to be a space that mimics the environment we have indoors. This includes the added cozy area with an adorable teepee that kids can retreat to when they want to read or need a quiet moment. We have also created an art center as well as a more functional block area. We are also working towards adding a dramatic play space outside as well.

The more the outdoor yard can mimic what happens in the classroom, the more opportunities are provided for children to learn. We are aiming to offer the same learning tools outside as inside, so that children have an increased chance of being exposed to ideas that may not normally interest them when they are inside.

Knowing the benefits that can be gained with having consistent indoor and outdoor environments, we allow for children to flow freely between the two. This has been a fantastic tool for helping children regulate their bodies. If a child is feeling like they need to move their body, they can run outside and have their need met right away. Young children need to play and move their bodies! They are not meant to be stuck inside, constantly sitting down for structured activities. By revamping our outdoor area, we have sparked many children’s interests in activities they may not have otherwise explored inside. It has been fun to watch, and we cannot wait to add more! 

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