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Early Education Center (EEC)

May contain: toy, nature, outdoors, and sand
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This month the EEC would like to share our favorite sensory activity!

Sensory development is essential to a child's development because it develops:

-          Eye hand coordination

-          Exploration

-          Creativity

-          Fine motor skills

-          Gross motor skills

-          Language

-          Executive thinking

-          Problem solving

These are just some of the benefits of playing with sensory materials. Kinetic sand, however, is an incredible material that feels great to touch, is visually inviting, flexible, and just plain cool!

What materials can you pair with kinetic sand?

Anything! Best items are those that are natural, re-usable, or able to be recycled. The EEC provides various materials such as:

o   Wooden play dough toys, paper baking cups, sticks, stones, leaves, bowls, child friendly silverware, pinecones, or anything left over from packaging such as boxes, or bubble wrap.

Here is the brand that we recommend: Bella Luna Toys and Kinetic Sand.


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