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Early Education Center (EEC)

Hello Highlands Community! January was a month full of rain and while we do love to go play in it, the storms proved to be too much to spend a lot of time outside. For times like these, teachers have to plan for high energy in the classroom so there are usually a lot of dance parties and yoga time to help get the wiggles out. It’s also important that the materials/curriculum are engaging and keep the children interested. The teachers in the preschool rooms observed that the Tiger children were talking a lot about space and the Chameleons children were showing interest in taking care of animals, so out came space materials and a veterinarian clinic set up! The Tiger children blasted off in the rocket ship, sent planets down into the “black hole”, played with galaxy slime, made constellations,  and read all about planets and space.  The Chameleons were great caretakers for all the animals and lizard friends and weighed and measured animals, checked their heart, and gave medicine to make them feel all better. Our littlest friends, the Monkeys, had a ton of fun exploring different sensory and art play where they peeled tape, painted, and glued tissue paper. They also became little chefs and cooked up some delicious concoctions in their play kitchen. All in all, we had a great January and are looking forward to more sun and exploration of all things Spring. Thanks for reading!



The EEC Team

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