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Early Education Center (EEC)

Fall is one of those seasons that brings to life all our senses. From the smell of fresh leaves and grass on a dewy, crisp morning, to the beautiful fall colors surrounding us, the Fall season is one of our favorites here at the EEC. Teachers go all in with Fall decorations and especially love making the classroom “spooky” for Halloween. Look out for those pictures in our October newsletter!

We love creating colorful provocations and science investigations of leaves, pumpkins, and apples. These provocations invite the children to explore the materials at their own level and pace and do a deeper dive into the materials. From using fine and gross motor skills while hammering nails into a pumpkin, to recreating Leaf Man (wonderful book by Lois Ehlert) with sticks and leaves, the children have ample opportunities to explore all things Fall. We love to take nature walks to collect materials for art projects and loose parts sorting, and investigations of the materials. The children can record what they see, feel and smell and can take the materials apart to further investigate what is inside.

We love to open up pumpkins and feel the gooey insides and then watch the decomposition over time. Apple stamping is a fun art project, as well as good old leaf rubbing art. Sensory bins are a big hit too, with objects like corn or beans, fall leaves, pumpkins, apples, pinecones, etc. The season is a great excuse to teach children about nature and all the changes that occur, and it’s a lovely time to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Check out the pictures we’ve provided for some beautiful set-ups that you can recreate at home. We’d love to see pictures of what Fall themed activities you do in your home! Please send them our way to and we can highlight them in our next newsletter.  Happy Fall ya’ll!

 -The EEC team!

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