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We hope you have embarked on a new journey of discovery in the new year and taken time to plan some critical resolutions to enhance your life. As adults, we are often asked what our recent year's resolutions will be and how we will arrange to accomplish them. It is a great question because it causes us to think about ways to learn new things.

Children, on the other hand, usually never get asked this question! Why is that? Children are constantly growing, learning, and discovering, so why should they focus their energy on goals when they continually tackle developmental milestones. The simple answer is that having a conversation with children can spark many ideas. We know that children's brains are firing neurons rapidly because of stimulation, challenges, and feedback! So, what better time to sit down and have an intentional conversation about what they would like to engage in?

Below are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing. However, please be mindful of your child's age and maturity level to have the best success in accomplishing their intentions.

For Preschoolers:

-       I will clean up my toys by putting them where they belong.

-       I will help to put the dishes in the dishwasher after dinner.

-       I will help in the garden every day!

-       I will help to put the laundry away.

-       I will look at my favorite books before bedtime.

For 5-12 years:

-       I will read a book every night before I go to bed.

-       I will drink more water every day.

-       I will eat more veggies!

-       I will talk to my mom, dad, or family member when I feel overwhelmed or stressed about something.

-       I will wear a helmet when I ride my bike or scooter.

-       I will do my chores and respect the house rules every day.

-       I will exercise at least once a day!

If you have a child that gravitates towards a reward system, then try a:

-       Sticker chart

-       Treasure chart

-       Special outing chart

-       Earned item chart

Or you can simply make a list of rewards that you know your child would appreciate, such as:

-       Baking together

-       Going out for ice cream

-       Earn a day off from chores

-       Let your child be the parent for the day

-       Plan a mini-vacay

We hope that these suggestions are helpful to create fun and engaging new years resolutions for your children. Please share your ideas with us as we love to engage in ongoing communication!

With gratitude,

The Highlands Early Education Center

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