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Early Education Center (EEC)

We hope you all have had time to enjoy the change in weather as the EEC is getting ready to welcome Spring!

This is the time of year where we invite the children to show, tell, or artistically express what Spring looks and feels like to their imaginative little minds. Above are some inspirational provocations recommended by our Curriculum Coordinator, Miss Colleen Hanh. The intention behind these provocations is to inspire nature, curiosity, discovery, appreciation and so much more! Children have a keen eye for beauty and what better way to inspire a Spring awakening then to create an invitation to nature.

Many times, we as adults overlook the natural beauty of plants, flowers, and things above and below us. It is common to do so, as we have many things to manage in our busy schedules and taking time to appreciate our surroundings can be tricky! Children on the other hand intrinsically gravitate towards color, sound, light, taste and so much more. They love non-toys and anything that is different from the norm. Try taking a walk around your neighborhood and observe what they observe by writing down what they point, gravitate towards, or wish to look at a little longer. Then use that information to build on a theme such as water and rocks or dirt and flowers to create a provocation (a small space with intentional items).

Here is a list of materials that can be added to their play space:

-          Soft stones

-          Sticks

-          Leaves

-          Recycled parts

-          Containers

-          Baskets

-          Soft material

-          Wood material

-          Felt

-          Ribbon

Please be mindful of your child’s age as some parts may be too sharp or small to add to an area that a 3-18 month old might play in.

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