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Early Education Center (EEC)

Hello Highlands Community!

We hope you have all fared well through this very wet and windy month. The EEC is ready for Spring and sunshine and the children and teachers are eager to explore and investigate the changes that will soon be happening with the weather and environment.

Our Tiger classroom has decided to do an investigation into plants and flowers. They have been showing interest in the budding flowers in the area and decided to bring nature into the classroom. They are learning about how plants grow, what the different parts are (roots, stems, blooms, etc.) and are getting the chance to plant their own seeds and observe the growth cycle. The teachers will pay close attention to what the children are doing with the materials, what they are talking about, and will continue to expand on their interests as they explore and create. We look forward to seeing what will “bud” from this!

The Chameleon classroom has been all about rainbows lately, so the classroom is doing a deep dive into learning about how they work, when they happen, what they are made of, etc. They are enjoying all sorts of rainbow themed activities, art projects and curriculum and will continue this investigation for as long as the children are interested. They are even planning on doing a science experiment to see if they can make their own rainbow. These long-term investigations often lead into other topics or interests, so we are excited to see where this takes them!

Because of this crazy inclement weather, our littlest friends in the Monkey classroom have been enjoying many engaging and creative indoor activities. The teachers invited the children to explore different sensory materials and experiences. These tiny tots loved getting messy and really enjoyed playing with paint, shaving cream and different materials to dump and pour. They also got to explore the light table and dancing with ribbons!

March was a fun month, and we are excited to see how these investigations turn out! Tune in next month to see the progress. Take care and thanks for reading!


Your EEC Team

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