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Dar, Beginners Soul Line Dace

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Darlene Masamori started line dancing in 2010 and has never looked back.  In 2012; Dar as she likes to be called, started co-teaching a soul line dance class in San Francisco, CA.  Soul or Urban line dance is like country but to R&B music; Zydeco; and Jazz. However, Dar teaches all genres at every opportunity.

Soul Inspired Line Dancers was officially formed and co-founded by Dar, Grace, Irene and Marlene in the summer of 2012.  Soul Inspired Line Dancers has and will continue to participate in many local non-profit organizations leading line dance to help with the organization's fundraising efforts.  Dar teaches five soul line dance classes a week and travels to workshops throughout the nation.  It’s truly her passion. 

All adults ages 18+ are welcome to attend Dar's Beginner Soul Line Dance class every Wednesday night from 7-8:30pm in the Highlands Rec Gym. Drop-ins for Residents $4, Non-Residents $5.

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