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Chameloens Corner


Greetings EEC Families,

We are so excited to be jumping right into Spring! We welcomed our new teacher, Miss Zucy, with open arms, and have sure enjoyed all the time she spends reading to us and playing with us! With the nicer weather, we have been spending a lot of time outside, playing with water and even visiting the big park! The big park is a great place to build up the children's gross motor skills and work on balancing, climbing, pulling, etc. Plus, there is a lot more room to run and play team games like tag and chase! 

We dove right in to Spring investigations and had fun exploring flowers. We love incorporating nature into our activites. It's a fun and inviting way to add science and all aspects of nature. into their learning We use a lot of things like flowers and sticks as loose parts so they can explore the materials and work with them in different ways, like in playdough. We use nature pictures a lot for inspirations for art and for color matching. There is so much to explore in nature during the Spring and Summer time and we look forward to seeing what the children do next!

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