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Chameleons Corner


Greetings EEC Community,

First and foremost we want to say how proud we are of our graduating students! All of you are amazing in your own ways, and we cannot wait to see what you do next. Each of you will be truly missed, and we know you are all onto bigger and better things. Don’t forget to come say hi at the gate when you are at “big kid school.”

This path month the Chameleon friends have been very busy in our building center. They have figured out how to stack our rainbow arches just right, balancing them on each other to make complex structures. We have extended their interests by adding larger, cardboard “brick blocks” to the area to promote large scale building skills. Block building is a great way to grow social emotional skills, as children work together, discuss, and problem solve together. Block building also encompasses many other developmental domains such as: fine/gross motor skills, mathematical thinking, and language skills. We look forward to seeing what the Chameleons build next!

As we look towards warmer weather in June, we are excited to extend our outdoor time with water and sensory play. We are so delighted to welcome new friends to our classroom and to get to know you all!

Stayed tuned to see what adventures the Chameleon’s go on next!

Thanks for reading,

Ms. Ariana and Ms. Zucy 

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