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Chameleons Corner 


Greetings Families,

Last month the Chameleons really enjoyed space activities. From blasting off into space in our dramatic area to painting their favorite planets, and singing planet songs while passing around planet balls.

These Chameleons sure love to move, so for the last few weeks, we've been holding a "gym class" in place of circle time. We do silly dances full of movement, run some laps, do push-ups, squats and even walking lunges! The kids have been enjoying it so much, so be sure to ask them about their new dance moves! It's also been an excellent transition into lunch, so they are nice and hungry and ready to relax for nap. If you have any suggestions for exercises that you think the kids would  like, send them our way!
For the month of June, the class will be diving underwater to explore ocean life! We'll be transforming our playstand into an underwater mini world filled with sea animals and seashells. The class will do an array of ocean themed art, sensory, and loose parts play. 

We can't wait to share their creations with you!

Take care,

The Chameleon Teachers

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