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Some of you may have noticed fluctuation in the pool temperature over the past month. This is happening because our pool heaters are malfunctioning. Basically, the heaters are so efficient that when the pool temp is at the set point, the heaters power down to maintain the temperature. When the system is clogged by debris, it can give a false reading to the system which shuts the heater down, even when the pool temperature is well below the set point. We can keep the system running and have the pool temperature around 80 degrees. (Normally we try to keep the pool around 84 degrees for comparison)

We are currently exploring options to fix the situation and estimating costs. Our goal is to have the heaters properly functioning by the end of November/ early December. We thank you for your patience and support!


Olympian Jason Lezak offering a Swim Clinic at Highlands!

On Saturday, November 5th, Jason Lezak, an Olympic gold medalist and the individual who has swum the fastest 100-meter split in recorded history, will be giving a clinic for swimmers for the Highlands Dolphins and other swim teams in the area. Participants will have the opportunity to take a picture with Jason and his gold medal, receive one on one instruction from Jason, and hear his motivational story. If you are a member of a swim team, you can sign up here for the 11 years and over clinic, or the 10 years and under clinic.


Winter Registration Begins on November 14th

Winter registration for Swim Lessons and Lifeguarding Classes begins on Monday, November 14th for Highlands Residents and Monday, November 21st for Non-Residents. Please come by the pool and pick up a Winter Guide for the schedule of classes and programs!


No Dome? No Problem!

We know a lot of you are beginning to come back to the pool from before the pandemic. You may be surprised to see that we are no longer putting a dome over the pool. During covid, the Aquatics program did some research and discovered that most of our swimmers and user groups did not want the dome to return for a variety of reasons. So, while you will not see the dome, you will see 10 ft x 20 ft canopies put up for rain protection for parents and swimmers. We are also making sure that the pool is covered at night to retain the heat as much as possible. Even with our heater issues, we have been able to maintain the pool around 80 degrees with the covers on nightly. So even though you won’t see a dome, we will still be operating as usual!

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