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EEC January Newsletter

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Greetings EEC Community,

Happy New Year!

Here are some common questions circling around the inter webs regarding a New Year. Perhaps you've answered these or you've taken some time to meditate on them. Reflection is one of the best ways to track growth and transformation in any area of your life. So, how does this relate to our child development center?

Here at the EEC we are striving to be more reflective in the new year and would like to share our responses.

What are we most grateful for this past year?

- We are most grateful for the relationship building among children and families. Our work as educators could not be done without the help and support of an awesome familial community!

What was an unexpected joy this past year?

- An unexpected joy was hiring two new teams members to the EEC. Miss Caitlin and Miss Nancy have been a huge asset to the they bring humor, professionalism, and creativity to their classrooms on a daily basis.

What was the biggest thing we've learned this past year?

- The biggest thing we've learned this past year is to take time for self-care. When we take time to take care of ourselves we can do great work both in our personal and professional lives.

Reflection has given us the opportunity to look at the areas within our school that we would like to enhance in order to best serve our community. If you also have reflections of the past year that you would like to share with us, please send us an email to or

We would be amiss if we didn't add that staying active is also a great goal to start off a new year! Here are some tips to keep your littles active at home or on a vacation!

- Incorporate music in movement activities

  • Choose music that is culturally diverse

-Make active play intentional

  • Purposeful physical activity

- Use repetition

  • Short bursts of 10-15 mins of repetitive physical activity are recommended over long, extended sessions.

- Incorporate gross motor skills into the daily routine

  • Examples would be running, hopping, skipping, walking, climbing etc.

- Involve the whole body

  • Plan movements that engage children's entire body.

- Use visual imagery

  • Describe what they're doing. ex) pretending to sway like a tree or jumping like a kangaroo!

We look forward to sharing more themes, ideas, provocations, and educational information with you this year! So, keep a look out for our February edition of the EEC Newsletter.

With Gratitude,

The EEC Team




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