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EEC February Newsletter

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Dear EEC Community,

Hi, my name is Caitlin! I started my Early Childhood Education Journey at West Valley Community College. I started working with children at West Valley’s outdoor play based child center. After graduating with my associates one of my head teachers connected me to the Highlands Community Rec Center. 

I started substituting in the chameleon classroom in January of 2020 for Ms. Jasmine! As I continue my education at Cal Poly Pomona and now at Cal State East Bay I was in and out of substituting between places as the pandemic happened. I found another substituting job, but got the call from Ms. Kristen and couldn’t resist coming back to this beautiful community.

I found a passion for working with children and learning their interests and challenging myself in researching and creating fun activities they can explore and investigate. But I have found that your children have taught me some of life’s greatest values. And that is to be patient and kind with others and yourself. To always be curious. To stay determined and be resilient. And to be fearless and have trust in one another. And for that I thank you guys and this community. You guys are truly amazing!

But when I do have my own time I love exploring new hikes, being by the ocean, drawing/ painting and being surrounded by my family and friends. Thank you guys again for all your support and reading about me. 

Good vibes always.

Caitlin Tanaka

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