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EEC December Newsletter

My precious family!

Greetings EEC Families,

This month we would like to highlight our very own Miss Ariana from the Chameleons classroom. She has been a teacher for the EEC since the inception of our little school and continues to bring amazing energy to the field of education and the Chameleon children. Below is a short summary all about Miss Ariana and her passion for the field of Early Childhood Education.


Dear EEC Community,

Thank you for choosing me to highlight this months newsletter!

I’ve been an educator for 15 years now and I have been at the EEC since day one, when we opened in January 2012, almost 10 years ago. I started out as a monkey teacher where I met and loved many little ones. When I became pregnant with my first daughter I was given the opportunity to move to the chameleons class room.

My passion is sharing joy with the children. I love to laugh and dance with them. They say the most honest and hilarious things.

I love being a part of the Rec as a whole. I’ve found my home in the close nit community of Highlands and well as my EEC family. I am grateful for all the continued support and affection that comes my way.

When I’m not busy running around with my two daughters, I love to read, go to the movies, dance and have new adventures.

Many thanks for reading and supporting my work as an educator!

Miss Ariana

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