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EEC April Newsletter

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Spring Provocation!
Take hold, take hold with little roots. It’s time to rise up to become little shoots!
Cynthia Aldinger

Spring is here and with it, a great opportunity for the EEC to do some spring cleaning! Staff Professional Development Day was a huge success for the teachers where they spent an entire day cleaning, sorting, connecting, laughing, and sharing. We also spent a fabulous hour with our educational coach, Amy Kaiser for a Loose Parts workshop where we explored various materials to offer children when preparing provocations as well as the benefits and learning opportunities of loose parts play. Please take a look at the "Let's Play" page to find links to purchase materials we often use at the EEC or you may scroll over to the "Sensory Play" page to find recipes to our most popular provocations! Our "Parent Resources" page is also a great place to check out tips, activities, and helpul stories to add to your toolbox at home or on the go.

March also brought on a visit from that pesky Leprechaun. The Chameleons set a trap to try and catch him overnight. But alas, he got away and stole all of our gold, left a messy classroom and even peed green in the toilets! The Tigers set out their own trap for the daytime and snuck outside to see if he'd come. He was even more mischievous and decided to leave children's lovies all over the room and pull out lunch boxes. Again, no success in catching that tricky little guy! But he did leave some yummy Lucky Charms for both classrooms to enjoy! 

A huge thank you to all who attended the EEC Ad Hoc Committee meeting where Kristen and I presented our plan to address recommendations to strengthen lines of communication and offer opportunities for staff enrichment. Kristen and I are excited to work with the leadership team and support them in any way possible to help their ideas come to life. We are also eager to launch our monthly meetings with topics about child development and recommendations from parents as to what would support your children's learning at home!

As always, we wish a a happy, fun filled Spring. If you have ideas for content, please let us know and we will be happy to add and share with families.



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