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Early Education Center (EEC)

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Kristen is the Early Education Center Assistant Director and is an essential part of the EEC. We decided it would be a wonderful idea to highlight her, so others can get to know and love her the way we do.

“I was born and raised in Anoka, Minnesota and when I hit 18, I decided to follow my mom to California.  I attended Fresno State University where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). During my time in Fresno, I worked as a Behavior Therapist in the ABA field for about 4 years and really enjoyed everything I learned in that field.  After eight years of living in Fresno, I moved up to the Bay Area where I worked in a variety of job’s, including a paralegal. However, I knew in my heart that I always wanted to work with children, so I entered the Early Education field about 7 years ago. I made my way to Highland’s EEC about four years ago and haven’t looked back since. I cannot imagine working anywhere better!

The staff and community are amazing and it feels like one big family. Two years ago, I was promoted to Assistant Director, and while I miss being a Tiger teacher full time, I have loved being able to step into each classroom and get to know all of the children. Every one of them has left a footprint in my heart.  In my spare time, I enjoy going on hikes with my fiancé and dog Louie, and spending ample amounts of time with family and friends.”

Parents Reflections

“Kristen is a warm and compassionate educator who has helped make the EEC feel like extended family.  My girls are always so excited when she is there at drop-off.  Kristen always has such a positive outlook--you can see her smiling through her facemask!  She has been a wonderful leader and helped all the EEC families through this crazy year of transition and uncertainty.  We are very fortunate to have a teacher like Kristen to trust with our children.”

Shirin Bakhshay, mom to Juniper and Hediyah Bakshay

“Miss Kristen’s infectious smile and sweet laughter brightens up the day - for the children and the parents. Her genuine love for the kids is felt each and every day. We’re so grateful for her dedication and the unwavering care she’s provided over the years. Thank you for all that you do.”

Ji and Jason Yuan, parents of Elyse Yuan.

“Dropping off Simone in the morning is often a challenge. She is a very ‘spirited’ child. When Miss Kristen welcomes her into the classroom with a warm hug, it makes me feel good to know that Simone is genuinely loved and cared for. In my opinion, it’s all a parent can hope for. We love Miss Kristen!”

Cameron Edmondson, dad to Simone and Clark Edmondson.

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