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Early Education Center (EEC)

The EEC spent most of November focusing on what we are thankful for, reading all about fall and enjoying lots of beautiful fall activities and provocations. The children were asked at circle time what they are most thankful for, and we got some very cute answers such as “I am thankful for eating cupcakes with my baby sister” and “I am thankful for firetrucks!” It’s always fun to ask children these types of questions because you get so much variety and a lot of “aww” moments. The children had many opportunities to engage in beautiful fall themed activities, including a farmers’ market with autumnal flowers, fruits and veggies. We really love fall around here and our teacher’s creativity always shines through with their beautiful play provocations.

At the end of the month, we wanted to show parents how thankful we are for them! EEC staff cooked all the children a yummy lunch to give parents a day off from preparing their child’s lunches. It was a big hit with all the families and we loved it too! It was a great month here at the EEC and we are so thankful to be a part of such a wonderful community!  We are looking forward to more holiday festivities in December and sharing all of our fun adventures.

Kristen Lein

Early Education Director

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