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Candidate Statement

Occupation: Profe​ssor/Attorney/Parent
Education and Qualifications:
My family is fortunate to be a part of the Highlands community.
The Highlands Recreation District is at the heart of what makes
this community great. My son (go Dons!) attended the After
School Program, my two girls are currently enrolled in the Early
Education Center, and my family benefits from the facilities
and community-wide events where we connect with friends and
neighbors year-round.
Like the rest of our country, the HRD is facing unprecedented
challenges during the pandemic. These challenges threaten some
of the HRD’s core operations, including quality childcare and
opportunities for recreation and enrichment. I am running for the
HRD Board to ensure that the programming and facilities we all
cherish remain open and accessible and the HRD is managed in
accordance with our community values.
I have served on leadership committees at UC Santa Cruz and
at my former law firm, and I hope to bring my experience to
the HRD Board by increasing transparency and community
engagement. The HRD should prioritize the needs of our residents,
parents, and the incredible HRD staff. As a HRD Board Member,
I will listen to my neighbors, solicit community input, and help to
preserve this unique institution.

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