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For this month, the Highlands Pool would like to highlight one of our important staff members. We would like to introduce you to the Coach of our Highlands Dolphins, Zach Wolfe! Zach has been coaching Swimming and Water Polo for 16 years here on the Peninsula, both High School and Junior College. We asked Zach a few questions about coaching and what is different about coaching during this pandemic.

What do you enjoy about coaching swimming?

“The people. I enjoy interacting and engaging with the swimmers and their families. Forming bonds and relationships, with the families I get to coach, is the most enjoyable part of what I do. I also love being able to use swimming as a platform to teach life skills and prepare the athletes to succeed not just in swimming, but in life”

How has the Covid-19 Pandemic changed your coaching technique?

“Aside from having to ensure everyone follows the COVID-19 guidelines and stays physically distanced from one another, not much has changed. We still focus on being safe and having fun and learning how to swim. I am not able to give feedback mid lap as much so I have to save my input until the swimmers are resting on the wall. Without being able to attend our normal swim competitions, we have had to find other ways to help swimmers compete with one another and themselves. We have introduced intersquad swim meets where we run races during our practices, then rank the kids on our team. This is something new that we didn't do before.”

The Highlands Dolphins are an important part of the Aquatics program here at Highlands Recreation District, and we are proud to have Zach as our coach! For more information about the swim team, visit the Highlands Dolphins, or email Zach here.

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